JAI Overflade­behandling

Surface Treatments

For decades, JAI-O has been one of the leading providers of surface treatments, whether for metals or plastic products. We use different materials and techniques for the surface treatments, depending on the type of item, its area of application and customer requirements.


It is a flexible spraying technique for zinc application instead of hot dip galvanising. Often used where there is stress and high corrosion requirements. Read more.

Powder Coating

It can be used for metal items, where the metal and the powder – as is popularly known – are made to be statically electric and thereby attract each other. After spraying the powder, the items are run through a heater, where the powder “melts” together and hardens. Powder coating is a popular choice. Read more.

Wet Painting

It is a lacquer, which is sprayed directly on the pre-coated item and is therefore suitable for virtually all tasks and material types. With wet painting, the items can be painted in all the colours of the rainbow in high gloss, matt, metallic, structure etc. In addition, we perform epoxy treatment. Read more.

Swirl Sintering

(Rilsan) is a thermoplastic polyamide powder (“nylon”) where metal items are heated and Rilsan powder is sprayed on it and “melted”. The layer thickens up to 1,000 microns in one operation. After curing, the surface looks like plastic that is molded on the outside of the work piece. Among other things, Rilsan can be used for items that come into contact with food and drinking water, as it is relatively flexible. Read more.

Fire Paint

It is used where 30, 60 or 120 minutes of fire resistance of indoor and outdoor steel structures is required. Despite a large thick layer, the fire-protective paint is used as the result is beautiful and resembles traditional paint. Read more.

But no surface treatment is nicer, better or stronger than the quality of the pre-treatment.