Industry & construction

JAI-O specializes in surface treatment of items and construction materials used in open or closed environments.

JAI-O has an automatic pre-treatment plant with alkaline degreasing, chromium 3, chromium-free conversion and zinc phosphating. We also offer grit blasting and sling cleaning.

Determining the corrosive environment of the work piece is crucial for proper pre-treatment and surface treatments. JAI-O works with 5 corrosion classes, C1 – C5.

For decades, JAI-O has been one of the leading providers of surface treatments, whether for metals or plastic products. We use various materials and techniques such as metallisation, powder coating, wet treatment, Swirl sintering (Rilsan) and fire paint.

The right pre-treatment is a prerequisite for a robust and durable solution, and here we offer, among other things, salt spray, stress and other quality tests that are performed in our own laboratory.