Swirl Sintering

Rilsan (Swirl sintering) is a thermoplastic polyamide powder (“nylon”) that has some very clear advantages:

  • Thermoplastic polyamide powder (Nylon 11)
  • Low friction and durable
  • Very flexible
  • Impact resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Layer thickness of 60-1,000 microns in one operation – several layers can be applied
  • High opacity at edges and corners
  • Good insulation

Rilsan is manufactured by the French company Arkema. The name Rilsan comes from the Ricinus plant (Ricinus oil – “American Oil”, which is used in the binder) and the French word “sanitaire”, which means that Rilsan is easy to clean and also suitable for items that come in contact with food.

Rilsan is applied by heating the items and dipping them in “liquid” powder – this is why it is called Swirl Sintering. Rilsan can also be applied in the same way as electrostatic powder coating.

Depending on the application technique chosen, the result is a semi- to full-glossy surface.